Cristina Reif“Instead of dosa and idly I have my standard cereal in the morning, and instead of a tuk-tuk commute to the office I walk leisurely to a nearby coffeeshop that is to be my HQ for the day. However, don’t be fooled that this means working as a Kiva Fellow in the U.S. is any less rewarding, amazing, exciting, challenging or impactful. The work is so entirely self guided that even as a very experienced contractor I found myself at times shell shocked at  the daunting task of finding ways to make things happen out of thin air. But happen they did – and you soon find out how great the need for what we do in the US really is, and  also how immediate the impact of a loan to one of the U.S. borrowers is.”

– Christina Reif, KF19 Washington, D.C.

Rachel Davis“The Kiva U.S. fellowship can be largely entrepreneurial in nature – it forced me to think outside the box and challenged me to question how traditional micro-finance is structured. I recommend the Kiva U.S. fellowship for anyone who is open-minded, hard-working, and passionate about helping those who are truly financially excluded.”

– Rachel Davis, KF20 Denver, CO

philip“Being a Fellow was an amazingly rewarding experience. If you’re ready to work hard, take risks, and be sociable, the Fellowship will be one of the most stimulating, fun, and educational periods of your life. For those worried about the expenses, view it as an investment into your professional and personal future. It’s well worth it.”

– Philip Issa, KF17 & KF18
peter“I was both excited and intimidated at the prospect of becoming a Kiva Fellow. I wasn’t sure if I could communicate effectively in Spanish, I didn’t feel confident in the world of microfinance. But what I learned after just a few days that just by being myself and taking time to learn as much as possible — that I was prepared. I had great training, the support of Kiva staff, the on-line resources, and the network of my fellow Fellows in the field to back me up. It was a richly rewarding experience for me with unique opportunities: to live in a substantially different culture, to travel with purpose, to meet people I would never meet normally, and to learn and share with my colleagues in the field. Work hard, be yourself, be honest and patient, and smile a lot to win hearts… you will make a difference as a Kiva Fellow and grow in ways unimagined.”

– Peter Soley, KF19